Unique QR Tags. Unique customer interaction.

Connect products with digital content, through ID Tags & Cloud Services provided by QR-Marketing

Why QR Marketing Solutions?
  • Smart global
    Protect your brand & products globally with QR Fingerprint®
  • Connect analogue
    Increase customer engagement & loyalty with QR Campaign
  • Use and
    Analyse data & gain valuable customer and product insights
  • sustainability
    Contribute to a more sustainable relationship with scarce resources
QR Campaigns
How many recurring purchases have you gained through your packaging? With our Cloud Solutions and ID Tagging, we help lifting your business or brand to the next level. Our unique ID Tags empower you to:
  • Engage & acquire customers
  • Gain new insights through data
  • Create powerful A/B testing campaigns
  • Contribute to more sustainability
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Use Case: QR Touchpoint for Drugstore Retailer
Promotion realised with a QR Touchpoint on an electronic billboard. When picture changes, so do the products available to purchase when scanning the QR Tag. The benefits:
  • Engage & acquire customers
  • Gain new insights through data
  • Create powerful cross-& upselling campaigns
  • Less waste, no more flyers through digital content
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QR Fingerprint®
Let your customers instantly check the integrity of the purchased product, and create additonal revenues through digital content.
  • 1
    Counterfeits create a huge loss in sales worldwide.
  • 2
    A cost-effective solution to trace products is needed.
  • 3
    Also the solution should engage customers to repurchase.
  • 4
    QR Fingerprint® allows to do both at the same time.
What is behind QR Marketing?
ID Tags & Cloud Services - all in one
QR Marketing - a brand by All4Labels provides unique solutions to connect physical products with digital content. Our solutions are enabled by innovative ID Tags and Cloud Services, that allow to interact with consumers through product packaging and offline touchpoints, and protect brands from counterfeit and grey markets around the world.
All our QR Marketing Solutions are based on a secure cloud platform, and are combined with fast-response-technologies: QR, NFC, RFID, eRFID.
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The values we offer
  • Visual
    Generate IDs in bulks within seconds
  • Visual (1)
    Rely on GDPR-compliant processes
  • Visual (2)
    Attribute interactions and sales with unique IDs
  • Visual (3)
    Reduce waste and contribute to sustainability
What our clients think
Helene Simon
Small business owner
I like to use this tool. It’s easy to use, and reliable to set up.
It feels good to know that I don’t have to migrate to another system again, even if my business scales. And if there is somthing I want, I get a personal one to one solution. Thanks so much
CEO, Corporate Brands
QR Touchpoints is excactly what we were looking for to add a digital experience to our offline retail market. The team of QR Marketing were with us around the clock, consulted throughout the process, and customised to our needs. We are looking forward to many more problems we solve together with the help of QR Marketing Solutions.
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We are happy to help. Chat with Jan-Niclas, our QR Marketing expert.
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QR Marketing - FAQ
What is QR Marketing ?
QR Marketing - a brand by All4labels, develops simple solutions to create a digital experience around physical products. QR Marketing solutions are powered with unique QR Tags and Cloud Services. QR Tags, unlike conventional QR Codes, not only increase customer interaction, but also allow to protect your brand integrity from product fraud and counterfeiting, and create a new standard in data analytics. This is possible with the help of unique IDs. For example, by scanning a QR Tag on a label or packaging, the consumer can verify the integrity of the product and interact with marketing content at the same time. Interactions can be later traced back to single products. All data are stored on a secure cloud platform, which is 100% GDPR compliant. Contact us for more infos.
Which solutions does QR Marketing offer?
QR Fingerprint® - for brand protection and consumer interaction, QR Campaign - for customer engagement and acquisition, and QR Touchpoint - to enhance offline shopping experiences in retail. All solutions are based on our cloud analytics solution, which includes free access to our ID and QR Tag Generator, administration of IDs, QR Codes and Tags, print artworks, cloud data analytics, APIs, and more. IDs and Tags can carry various technologies, i.e. QR, NFC, and RFID, eRFID or a combination of them (see Box Labels). These Tags are included in the packaging or label design, and attached to touchpoints in retail, like shopping windows. Want to know more? Get in touch.
What is the difference between QR Codes and QR Tags?
Similar to QR Codes advertising, QR Tags are the latest strategy for marketers to create a digital experience around physical products. The CMO of Coca-Cola even calls it the "most under-leveraged media vehicles out there" (FastCompany, 2022). Why is that? Unlike QR Codes, each QR Tag carries a unique ID, which is used to trace data back to its source, i.e. a specific product or user interaction. That simple facts allow more transparency along the customer journey to personalize content and target campaigns. Packaging has never been so valuable as a channel to interact with consumers.
What is the difference between QR, NFC and RFID Tags?
QR (Quick Response): Great usability for users as no app is needed. A simple scan with a phone camera directs the user to a landing page or shop. QR Codes are well known among consumers. Coca-Cola's CMO recently called it the "most under-leveraged marketing media" (FastCompany 2022). Best to use for cases build to interact with customers. NFC (Near Field Communication): Not every phone allows to read the tag without an app yet. Apart from that NFC offers similar advantages to use as QR. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) cannot be scanned by phone cameras or native readers, and is less known among B2C customers. However, RFID has been the preferred technology for use cases along supply chain optimizations, and track & trace solutions.
How to combine QR Tags and packaging?
Our All4Labels digital printing expertise enables variable data printing, meaning each label or packaging design can be unique. This allows serialized QR Tags to be printed on the label or packaging. The Tags can be generated in bulk in seconds with our cloud-based QR Tag Generator. QR Tags are simply added to the artwork of the packaging design and printed. The advantage of QR Marketing: content can be changed at any time without having to reprint the packaging or label. How? Just change the URL or destination address in our Cloud Analytics Platform.
How QR Marketing contributes to sustainability?
It has been shown that teams can cut down considerably on printed marketing materials, such as flyers, booklets, etc. that very often end up in the trash bin. Moreover, QR Tags in combination with our Cloud Solution Platform allow information, landing pages, and URLs to be edited anytime. This reduces the need to reprint labels or packaging designs due to changes in content. Want to estimate the impact on your business? Let's talk.
How can I generate Tags?
ID Tags (QR, NFC or RFID) can be easily generated in our cloud-based Tag Generator. Schedule a demo to learn more.
What is the pricing of Tags and Cloud Services?
We are happy to create an offer according to your unique needs. Schedule a call with us.
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