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34 Weeks . Wed Nov 22 2023
QR Marketing – the hidden potential of QR codes
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QR marketing of a brand uses QR Codes and QR Tags as effective digital marketing touchpoints that turn analog products into digital brand experiences. Even big players like Coca-Cola have recognized this potential in their brand marketing strategy,“By 2025, a QR code is to be on every single package of all the group's brands” says Global Chief Marketing Officer Manuel Arroyo.

Who is QR-Marketing GmbH? 

QR-Marketing GmbH is a brand by All4Labels Packaging Group. 

QRMarketing combines modern IT software skills with All4Labels’ existing expertise in digital printing to create a new offer: The generation, management and analysis of unique QRcodes as smart QR Tags, which can be integrated into business cards, labels or packaging design, thanks to variable data printing, and more. The owner-managed All4Labels Global Packaging Group is one of the world's leading label companies - a pioneer in sustainable and digital packaging solutions with production facilities worldwide. 

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What are QR Tags vs. QR codes 

QR codes in marketing are the new digital wonder. Especially for marketers who are keen on easy, safe, hygienic and cost-effective marketing solutions. On top of that, dynamic QR codes can provide long-term and easy to set up data collection tools.  

This is especially true for unique QR codes – the so-called "SmartQR Tag”, which have unique serial numbers. With this serialization each product gets an ID that makes it possible to record where exactly their consumers come from, which product they have bought, or whether they are visiting the website for the first time.  

59% of U.S. shoppers believe as of June 2021 that QR Codes would be a permanent part of their mobile usage in this TheDrum study. 

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But what are the advantages of QR Tags overQR codes?  

The unique QR Tags also offer advantages for customers: they can check the authenticity of products and digitally, reliably, and securely trace their supply chain from production to the end consumer. Moreover, consumers receive individual information and interactive brand experiences that were not available before. Like a key, QR Tags open the doors for companies to interact with consumers, create a relationship to their brand- and connect products to the digital world.  

QR Tags show companies exactly who their customers are. Where was a product purchased, when and by whom? Marketing managers can get exact answers to these questions quickly and in compliance with the German Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

‘’Because every customer is unique, and so is every QR Tag.’’ 

 The advantages of QR Tags from QRMarketing?: 

 - Unique: Each QR Tag is unique and identifies users via serial IDs. 

 - Secure: QR Marketing's cloud solution is 100% GDPR compliant.  

 - Sustainable: QR Tags on packaging replace paper instructions, product inserts and flyers  

 - Fast: QR Tags can be generated in seconds via the cloud solution: QR-Marketing Software-as-a-Service. 

 Is QR Marketing going to stay?  

In 2021, 75.8 million people used their smartphones in the United States to scan a QR code on their mobile devices, which was only 15.3 per cent in 2020, according to this Statista study! Adopting QR Tags in your marketing strategies can practically mean enhanced customer engagement, brand awareness and increased sales.  

QR codes are now everywhere! According to one study, nearly half of U.S. customers have used a marketing-related QR code in the three months prior to being surveyed, especially those aged 18 to 29. Nearly 60 per cent of respondents believe QR codes will be an integral part of their smartphone usage in the future. By 2025, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. who scan QR codes could increase from the current 83.4 million to 99.5 million - a huge potential.  

Is a QR Tag more beneficial for companies or customers? 

 Unique QR codes are a benefit to both indeed!  

Companies can manage their content more agilely and use these insights for future marketing management. For customers, too, QR Tags offer new, exciting opportunities for interaction and for improving the customer journey. For example, if two people scan the same QR tag, they can interact with each other, play games, or share branded content. Even personalized discount promotions are possible with QR tags. 

 At QRMarketing – a brand by All4Labels, wehavecreated solutions to create innovative customer interaction, to build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call with our expert to help build a marketing strategy. Industry specificsolutions to create innovative customer interaction, to build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call to help build a marketing strategy.  

 Or, find out more examples of how to use QR Tags in your marketing strategies and next marketing campaign! 

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