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26 Weeks . Wed Dec 20 2023
5 brilliant ways that help you find the best QR Code generator for your needs
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Are you blown away finding QR Codes everywhere? You witness your competitors expanding business using QR Codes effortlessly while your team is still figuring out the best way to leverage QR Code marketing? How do know which QR Code generator is right for your needs?

What are unique QR Codes?

QR Codes in marketing are the new digital wonder, even though they exist for quite a while now. Especially marketers benefit from these effortless, secure, and cost-effective QR marketing solutions to increase customer loyalty through engagement. On top of that, QR Codes can constitute a long term and easy way to collect data insights on your customers’ behavior.  

This is especially true for unique QR Codes – the so-called "Smart QR Tags”, which have unique serial numbers. With this serialization each product gets an ID that makes it possible to pinpoint the location of scans, which product the scan comes from, or whether the QR Code has been scanning the first or multiple times.  

Learn about the difference between QR Tags and QR Codes. Learn more with our whitepaper.

It does not matter whether you are a small business or a corporation with multiple brands, QR Codes are an effective way to personalize communication with customers and gain relevant insights. Although there are many free QR Code generators in the market, it is important to choose the one that fits your needs in terms of the level of customization, bulk QR Code generation, admin of campaigns, security, GDPR compliance, data insights and reporting, user role management and support.

Educate – Keep a tab on where the Advertising industry is rolling

The Global Ad Spends Forecasts July 2022 exhibits digital spending accounts for 55.5% of the total advertising expenditures worldwide. So, what is with these similar-looking QR Codes which have altered advertising like never before? It is the effortless setup and management, competitive pricing and multipurpose functional usage that has been groundbreaking with the so-called ‘Smart QR Tag’. Given the diverse choices and links to free QR Code generators, it is imperative to know your needs precisely.

At QR-Marketing, we have experts to buck you up in this overwhelming environment and simplify smart solutions as per your distinct digital advertising requirements- which won’t just boost your sales but level up your next marketing campaign. Don’t hesitate to book a free demo here.

Identify - Do you need QR Codes or unique QR Codes?

What type of Code is needed, very much depends on the campaign concept and the defined goals of the campaign, i.e. increase brand awareness, customer engagement, brand loyalty, sales, and repurchase rates.

Setting up a new marketing campaign can be very challenging and needs a lot of time until it finally is released into the market. Depending on the size of the company the time to market can be up to one year. What are the challenges that come with it?

  • Outdated content

  • Legal changes necessary to labels or packaging

  • Unforeseen market events that demand content hitting the headlines (example: COVID pandemic)

Classic QR Codes are great for displaying content that does not change for a longer time, e.g. websites. The reason is that URLs behind classic QR Codes often cannot be changed at a later point, nor differentiate content according to variables like location, time or device. But wait, is this even possible to display different content with a QR Code? Yes, it is. With unique QR Codes, namely ‘Smart QR Tags’, new functionalities evolve. If one of the points listed below increases the success of your campaign, you might want to consider unique QR Codes:

Change URLs anytime - No more 404 Error pages that leads to an unsatisfying customer experience.

Increase conversion rates - With the help of unique QR Codes or (QR Tags), there is no need anymore to manually enter numbers to participate in a sweepstake. The marketing lead can be automatically attributed to the product scanned.

Create new engaging content - Games with multiple players, new content with every scan, converting sweepstakes, expiry date tracking, and more. Unique QR Codes offer a wide range of technically feasible new use cases. Discuss with us potential QR code use cases for your business or brand.

Generate new data insights - With the help of unique QR Codes generated and applied to products, data can be collected and transformed into powerful insights to optimise campaigns and product fit.

Protect you brand and products from counterfeiting - Unique QR Codes do not only contribute to better marketing campaigns, they also allow to track & trace and authenticate products by its end-consumers.

With the right partner at hand, QR Tags provide insights while meeting GDPR standards. QR-Marketing offers unique QR Codes and provides a cloud solution (QR-Marketing Saas) to create QR Codes, QR Tags and other IDs within seconds. Customisations can be done according to your needs. Get personalized consultation for your QR-Marketing solution.

Research –What are easy to use QR Code generators?

We have heard repeatedly that creativity has no value if it is not backed up by reliability. Therefore, despite the plethora of free QR Code generators, it is very important to find a reliable QR marketing service provider.

Sometimes you might need assistance in knowing more about the details of the product functions. Our experts also help you in developing QR Code marketing ideas and use cases based on our comprehensive research and data analytics.

Take advantage of free demo calls or advice calls from the providers to do your research and find an expert who is willing to understand the needs of your company.

Select - What is the QR Code generator suitable for your needs?

Make a list specific to your company’s or brands’ requirements. There is a matching QR Code for every need. Whether you are a big player or a small emerging brand. No matter what industry. Personal care, fashion, luxury goods, food & beverage, or the wine & spirits, health care and more. Learn more on industry specific examples to build a marketing strategy.

Test – Find if you really need a Unique QR Code generator or not? In order to help you better understand your needs, we put together a simple Quiz to guide you through your options (1min):

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So, what QR Code generator is the right one for you?

  • < 7 points: Unique QR Code generator (i.e. QR-Marketing)

  • >7 points: QR Code generator (e.g. QR Code Generator)

With so many options available online it is important to invest some time in understanding the nuances of technological wonders. Get a short demo trial for free or have a quick call with an expert.

At QR-Marketing – a brand by All4Labels, we have created  solutions to create innovative customer interaction, to build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call with our expert to help build a marketing strategy. Industry specific solutions to create innovative customer interaction, to build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call to help build a marketing strategy.  

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