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brand protection, QR Code brand protection, authentication

Protect your brands and products.

Detect counterfeit and fraud with the help of our innovative QR Fingerprint®

The benefits of QR Fingerprint®
brand protection, QR Code brand protection, authentication
Cost-efficient Protection
  • High protection through unique IDs and pattern recognition
  • Simple way for user to authenticate a product via scan
qr code campaign, QR code marketing, window shopping
Customer Engagement​
  • Consumers engage with product and brand by scanning the QR Tag​
  • Engagement supports brand loyalty & repurchase rates
QR code in marketing, QR code generator, digital marketing
Data Insights​
  • Unique IDs and Fingerprints allow to track & trace single products around the world ​
  • Data about usage of products helps to improve campaigns & sales
qr code for sustainability, sustainable packaging
  • Less waste. Digital content instead of flyers & booklets, that land in the trash ​
  • Digital content to educate consumers on recyclability & sustainability efforts​
Businesses which use QR Fingerprint®
QR Fingerprint® is used by brands and businesses to protect products from counterfeiting and increase customer engagement.
How QR Fingerprint® works
QR Fingerprint®
to create unique product signature
Secure Cloud Solution
to verify integrity & manage IDs
Consumer Check
to verify authentic product
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Use Case: QR Fingerprint® for Lubricant Supplier
Let your customers instantly check the integrity of the purchased product, and create additonal revenues through digital content.
  • 1
    Counterfeits create a huge loss in sales worldwide.
  • 2
    A cost-effective solution to trace products is needed.
  • 3
    Also the solution should engage customers to repurchase.
  • 4
    QR Fingerprint® helps lubricant suppliers to reduce losses due to counterfeit and creates additional revenues.
FAQ - QR Fingerprint
What is QR Fingerprint®?
QR Fingerprint® is a smart solution developed by QR Marketing - a brand by All4Labels, to protect your brand against counterfeit and fraud. QR Fingerprint® creates a unique signature for products to track and trace them around the world. Customers can verify the integrity of a product via a scan with a smartphone. Product signatures are verified with the help of a secure cloud database and feedback is provided to the user. This solution helps to reduce losses due to counterfeits and product fraud. Moreover, it allows further customer engagement through digital content. Contact us for more information.
Why is the QR Fingerprint® solution needed?
QR Fingerprint® protects against counterfeit and product fraud. Counterfeit products lead to a loss of billions of dollars in sales every year and can have a severe negative impact on the brand image. In certain industries, i.e. Pharma, Healthcare, Cosmetics & Bauty, it further presents a great danger to the health and safety of consumers. With unique QR Fingerprints embedded onto the label or packaging design, the solutions provides brand protection, mitigates risk of grey markets losses, and creates an revenue upside through customer engagement. Relevant industries: Pharma & Health Care, Automotive, OEM suppliers & manufacturers, Wine & Spirits and many more.
What are the benefits of using QR Fingerprint® ?
When it comes to brand protection, conventional QR codes on the market can be easily copied and therefore do not offer sufficient protection from counterfeit and product fraud. QR Marketing developed a unique solution which ensures multiple-level brand protection through distinct product signatures. When scanning, unique fingerprints of the product are verified through a secure cloud platform scanner and database, which offers higest security standards and 360 degree brand protection. The solution further allows to engage with customers through a simple scan. Creative campaigns have to potential to achieve greater brand loyalty and increase sales through interactions and digital content. Every scan leaves traces. Thanks to unique IDs of the tags, interactions can be traced back to single products. These data insights allow to optimize market strategies. Lastly, QR Campaign is a powerful solution to reduce waste and educate customers on sustainability efforts of your company.
What are fields of application for QR Fingerprint®?
QR Fingerprint® offers a all-in-one solution for brand protection and customer engagement. With unique IDs generated through our secure Cloud Analytics Solution, it is possible to track and trace the individual journey of each product and interaction with customers. QR Tags that are printed onto e.g. labels, packaging designs, products, allow consumers to verfify the integrity of the product. Moreover, they provide easy access to additional information such as expiration dates, instructions, leaflets, to interactive content such as games, reviews, social media or to customer acquisition tools such as discount codes and shop.
How does QR Fingerprint® contribute to brand protection?
Behind each QR Tag hides a unique ID and pattern, which forms a distinct way to identify individual products. These QR Tags can be scanned by consumers to verify the integrity of a product. The scan is connected to a secure cloud platform to match IDs of database. The decentral approach allows maximum reach to detect counterfeit and product fraud early on. Further it empowers customers to access security information, and interact with the product and brand.
How does QR Fingerprint® contributes to sustainability?
With the creation of dynamic QR Tags - other than a static QR Code - on a secure Cloud Platform, it is possible to adapt IDs and target content anytime. This prevents printing new labels or packaging every time an information need to be changed or added. It also reduces the necessity of printing booklets, leaflets, manuals etc. as information can simply be hidden behing a tag. Further it creates an easy pathway to educate consumers on recyclability and on sustainable practices of your brand or business.
Is QR Fingerprint® GDPR compliant?
All data processings of QR Marketing solutions follow GDPR standards. For more information, see our Data Policy.
How can I further level up brand protection?
QR marketing offers a brand protection 360 degree package, including grey market and domain monitoring as well as track & trace of products world-wide, with the help of a secure cloud platform. Further, QR Fingerprint® can be combined with our Holograms - based on an high-resolution Nanogram technology - to ensure highest brand protection. Please contact us for furhter details.
How can I generate Tags?
ID Tags (QR, NFC or RFID) can be easily generated in our cloud-based Tag Generator. Schedule a demo to learn more.
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QR Fingerprint®
Protect your brand and products
What is QR Fingerprint?