qr code for retailers, food retailers, drug stores
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Connect analogue with digital.

Create a digital experience around physical products with our QR Campaign solution

QR Campaigns and their benefits
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Cleaner Packaging Design​
  • Clean package design and product information and always up to date
  • Provide a simple way to access readable product information - use QR Tags
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Customer Engagement​
  • Consumers engage with product and brand by scanning the QR Tag​
  • Engagement supports brand loyalty & repurchase rates
Increased sales through QR code marketing
Data Insights​
  • Unique IDs and QR Tags allow to track & trace single products around the world ​
  • Data about usage of products helps to improve campaigns & sales
qr code for sustainability, sustainable packaging
  • Less waste. Digital content instead of flyers & booklets, that land in the trash ​
  • Digital content to educate consumers on recyclability & sustainability efforts​
Businesses that use QR Tags for campaigns
QR Campaigns is used by brands and businesses to increase customers loyalty & to boost sales.
qr code for retailers, food retailers, drug stores
Consumer Brands
Brand owners leverage QR Campaigns in a variety of industries to engage with consumers, and gain valuable insights on products & consumer behaviour. Industries include: Wine & Spirits, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Fashion.
QR code marketing for B2B Brands
B2B Brands
Marketeers leverage QR Campaigns for professional product lines to hide information behind a Tag and to gain valuable insights on end-consumers.
Ecommerce qr code marketing
E-Commerce Business
Businesses & startups provide consumers additional value through content. They use our unique Tags - printed on their shipping boxes & digital on their e-commerce platform.
Small business Qr code digital marketing
Small Businesses
Small business owners use QR Tags e.g. for marketing campaigns on flyers, to replace the traditional menu booklet, to collect reviews and schedule appointments.
How QR Campaign works
Unique QR Tags
Create unique QR Tags with the help of our cloud based ID Generator, and connect your digital content.
Secure Cloud & Tracking
QR Tags can be edited in the Cloud Solution anytime. Data analytics comply with GDPR standards.
Consumer Scan without App
Consumers scan QR Tag and interact with personalised campaign, e.g. landing page, game, sweepstake, social media.

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Use Case: QR Campaign of a Beauty Brand
Create additonal revenues through customer engaging content, cross- and upselling campaigns, and brand positioning.
  • 1
    Consumers demand more transparency.
  • 2
    Brand sees a rise of short-lasting content on social media.
  • 3
    For brand loyalty, creative & uptodate content is needed.
  • 4
    QR Tags integrated in packaging design of beauty brand allow to digital adapt content anytime.
FAQ - QR Campaign
What are QR marketing campaigns?
QR Campaigns are a marketing measure to interact with customers via a unique QR Tag. QR Tag is more commonly known as QR Code, with the difference that QR Tags are unique and data therefore can be attributed to a single product. Moreover, they are dynamic, meaning that they can be changed later when the campaign is already out and running. The QR Tag is integrated into the label and packaging design or put directly onto the product. Tags can be generated with our cloud solution and edited anytime. A scan of the QR Tag leads to a pre-defined URL of your business landing page, or social media. Cloud analytics and data insights generated through the scans are accessible to optimize campaigns even further. QR Marketing offers QR Campaigns solutions to connect physical products with digital content. The solution helps brands to increase customer engagement, and brand loyalty and achieve more sales. Contact us!
How does QR Campaign work?
As the attention spans of consumers are getting shorter, quick and easy access to information is more demanded. QR Campaigns offers brands & companies an easy way to engage with their audience through the scan of a QR Tag, and change content anytime through our Cloud Services. QR Tag is more commonly known as QR Code, with the difference that QR Tags are unique and data therefore can be attributed to a single product. The QR Tag is integrated into the label and packaging design or put directly onto the product. Tags can be generated with our cloud solution, and edited anytime. A scan of the QR Tag leads to a pre-defined URL, e.g. your shop, landing page, social media. Cloud analytics and data insights generated through the scans, are accessible to optimize campaigns even further. Schedule a demo to learn more.
What are some fields of application for QR Campaign?
Our QR Campaign solution is based on serialised, unique QR Tags and can be used to reach different Marketing objectives, e.g. customer engagement, customer acquisition, CRM or brand awareness and positioning. They are an efficient way to generate data insights about consumers' interactions with products to optimize marketing strategies. Some Best-Practices include interactive games, social media promotions, customer education on recyclability and re-usability of packaging, sweepstakes, cross- and upselling promotions in e-commerce. Additionally, personalised discounts or product reviews are also among popular use cases. Exemplary industries that leverage campaigns: food & beverage, cosmetics & beauty, home & personal care, health, fashion, FMCG.
Can QR Tags have custom designs?
QR Tags can be easily generated in our cloud-based Tag Generator. Our experts can further consult you on an attractive custom design for your unique QR Tags. Please contact us directly for more information.
How does QR Campaign contribute to sustainablity effort of businesses?
With the creation of dynamic QR Tags - other than a static QR Code - on a secure Cloud Platform, it is possible to adapt IDs and target content anytime. This prevents printing new labels or packaging every time a piece of information needs to be changed or added. It also reduces the necessity of printing booklets, leaflets, manuals, etc. as information can simply be hidden behind a tag. Further, it creates an easy pathway to educate consumers on recyclability and sustainable practices of your brand or business.
What are benefits of QR Campaign?
The use of QR Tags allows for a cleaner packaging design by hiding packaging information behind a QR. The solution further allows engaging with customers through a simple scan. Creative campaigns have to potential to achieve greater brand loyalty and increase sales through interactions and digital content. Every scan leaves traces. Thanks to the unique IDs of the Tags, interactions can be traced back to single products. These data insights allow optimizing market strategies. Lastly, QR Campaign is a powerful solution to reduce waste and educate customers on the sustainability efforts of your company.
How to increase customer engagement with the help of QR Campaign?
Two factors play an important role in increasing engagement rates with the help of the QR Campaign solution; First, the QR Tag needs to be visible and should therefore have a prominent place on your label, packaging design, or product. Second, the more creative and engaging your content, the higher the changes to achieve the best campaign outcome. Furthermore, thanks to the unique IDs of our QR Tags, every scan leaves traces. These data insights are accessible on the Cloud Platform and allow for further optimized campaigns for the highest engagement rates. Get a personal consultation.
Is the QR Campaign solution GDPR compliant?
All data processings of QR Marketing solutions follow GDPR standards. For more information, see our Data Policy.
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