QR Marketing goes AR!

Bring campaigns & packaging to life, experience Augmented Reality with unique product QRs.

AR hero image
AR hero image

Introducing QR with Augmented Reality

Experience the future with our revolutionary QR solution, merging unique QR Technology and Augmented Reality. No app required for users to enjoy an immersive experience. Gain invaluable data insights by tracking scan rates on a product ID level. Discover how our solution fits your business needs today.

Augmented Reality for direct brand interaction

How it works step 1 - AR

Scan QR Code

Our Augmented Reality (AR) unique QR Codes can be scanned with a smartphone. At QR-Marketing, we add simplicity to the process, allowing users to experience them without the need for any additional app downloads. This scan leads the user to a virtual world that seamlessly blends with the real environment. Once the unique QR code is scanned, the device's camera and screen come into play. 

How it works step 2 - AR

View and Experience

The scanned unique QR Code acts as a trigger, initiating the Augmented Reality experience. The device's camera captures the real-world environment while the AR layer with digital content is projected on top. It provides the user with immersive and engaging interactions, enabling them to explore virtual worlds, access detailed product information, play interactive games, or participate in virtual brand experiences. 

How it works step 3 - AR

Data Analytics

QR Augmented Reality offers brands the opportunity to leverage data analytics for valuable insights. Track user interactions, measure scan rates, and analyse engagement levels to understand what resonates with your audience. Track conversions and measure key actions to gauge campaign effectiveness. Our analytics provide comprehensive data, empowering you to unlock actionable insights for your business or brand. 

Leverage the power of unique,
 serialised QR Codes
Benefit 1 - AR
The new way of brand recognition
QR Tags, printed as stickers or pee-offs, can be applied flexibly onto the product (packaging). Every QR Code is unique, and so is the brand experience.
Benefit 2 - AR
Next level customer engagement
Unique QR Tags integrated in packaging design provide the opportunity to personalise each and every single product unit with a unique brand experience.
Benefit 3 - AR
Data insights to increase performance
Data generated through QR campaigns, like scan rates, can be leveraged to increase marketing and product performances.
Benefit 4 - AR
Brand protection made simple
Unique QR allows track and trace of products around the word. Data can provide an indication for counterfeits in the markets.
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FAQ - QR Augmented Reality (AR)
What is Augmented Reality combined with unique QR Code technology?
QR Augmented Reality technology combines the power of Augmented Reality(AR) and serialised QR technology to create interactive and immersive experiences for users. It allows users to scan unique QR Codes using their smartphones or tablets, which then triggers the display of digital content overlaid onto the real world through AR technology. Read more on how to combine QR with AR.
How do Augmented Reality in combination with serialised QR Codes work?
Augmented Reality QR Codes work by integrating QR Code scanning technology with augmented reality. Scanning the QR Code using a compatible device's camera triggers the augmented reality experience. Read more about Augmented Reality ( AR ) based QR Code technology.
Can businesses customize the content displayed in the Augmented Reality experience with QR Marketing?
Yes, businesses have the flexibility to customize the digital content displayed in the Augmented Reality QR Code experience. They can create and design 2D/3D models, animations, videos, or interactive elements that align with their branding and marketing objectives. Learn more from our experts with a free consultation.
How can businesses get started with Augmented Reality combined with QR Codes?
Businesses can utilize QR Augmented Reality to implement interactive product showcases, gain valuable data insights into customer behavior, and ensure product authenticity. Get started with a first call.
Do users need to download a separate app to experience QR Augmented Reality with unique QR Codes?
No, one of the advantages of Augmented Reality QR Codes by QR Marketing is that users don't need to download a separate app. It can be accessed with a smartphone redirect to a web-based application.
Can QR Augmented Reality combined with unique QR Codes be used for offline marketing campaigns?
Yes, by incorporating the codes in print materials like brochures, posters, or packaging, businesses can seamlessly bridge the gap between offline and online experiences, engaging customers in a unique and interactive way. Learn more from our experts how to best combine AR and unique QR Code with printed marketing materials and product packaging.
Can Augmented Reality QR Codes provide analytics and insights into customer engagement?
Yes, by tracking scans, interaction duration, and user behavior within the Augmented Reality experience, businesses can gather data that helps them understand how customers engage with their products or campaigns, enabling them to refine their strategies. Unique QR Codes further generate data and insights on single item level, providing highly valuable insights in product performances.
Is Augmented Reality combined with unique QR Codes a secure technology?
It is essential for businesses to follow best practices in data security and ensure that the digital content linked to the QR Codes is safe and free from malicious intent. Our experts at QR Marketing will support on every step on the way. Book a free consultation to learn more.
How can I learn more about Augmented Reality and unique QR Code technology?
Are Augmented Reality QR Codes GDPR complaint?
Data processings of QR Marketing solutions follow GDPR standards. For more information, see our Data Policy or contact us.