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SaaS Platform & Data Analytics.

Take advantage of our secure Cloud Platform
to generate, manage & analyse ID Tags

Cloud Services we offer
All Cloud Services, e.g. ID Tag Generator, Data Analytics, Track & Trace, Web Scanner, API Management, are hosted on a secure Cloud Platform, and can be adapted to your needs.
ID Tags cloud service
ID Tag Generator​
  • Unique ID Tags (e.g. QR, NFC, RFID) generated within seconds
  • Dynamic IDs and URLs can be edited anytime in the Cloud interface
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Web Scanner
  • Scanner embedded on webpage allows secure integrity check of products
  • Web Scanner is included in the QR Fingerprint® solution
Cloud Analytics
Data Analytics
  • Unique IDs allow to trace back scans to single products or touchpoints
  • Data reports include scan rates, geolocations, performance & more
API management
API Management
  • APIs enable to collect & connect data along the entire customer journey
  • APIs enable to connect ERP systems, data warehouses and more
How to use Cloud Services
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FAQ - Cloud SaaS Platform & Data Analytics
What does SaaS stand for?
SaaS stands for Software as a Service and allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. In case of QR Marketing SaaS, users can generate IDs, manage projects, access analytics and more.
What does QR Marketing Software as a Service / Cloud Platform include?
Our SaaS cloud-based services include the generation of IDs and QR Codes, the administration of ID or QR projects in one space, the access to analytics on item level and more. Contact us to schedule a demo.
Is there a QR Code Generator included in the SaaS of QR Marketing?
Yes, QR Codes and IDs can be generated through our cloud-based SaaS platform.
What data analytics are included in QR Marketing services?
Data insights include scan rates on item-level, allowing the performance comparison of different products, product categories, regions and markets. Schedule a demo with us to learn more.