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26 Weeks . Wed Dec 20 2023
Unique QR combined with Augmented Reality (AR) - the new dream for QR Code Marketing
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At QR-Marketing GmbH, a brand by All4Labels, we are constantly exploring innovative ways to help businesses connect with their consumers. We are excited to introduce the use of Augmented Reality (AR) combined with a unique QR Code as the new dream duo for product marketing efforts. These combined technologies offer the ability to interact with consumers in real-time, providing valuable insights into their consumer behavior, without the need of an app download.

What is AR QR Code Technology?  

Augmented Reality QR Code technology is revolutionizing the future of product marketing by creating immersive and personalized experiences for customers. This technology overlays digital content onto the real world, enhancing the user's perception of their surroundings and creating a strong emotional bond between the consumer and the brand. By using a smartphone or tablet's camera and screen, businesses can leverage Augmented Reality QR Codes to display 3D models, animations, and interactive content that appears as if it's part of the physical environment. To understand it better, feel free to register for a first free call with our experts. 

This innovative technology is enhanced by QR-Marketing GmbH to provide interactive product demonstrations , and create virtual showrooms that allow customers to visualize products. AR QR Code technology allows advertisers to incorporate augmented reality experiences into their advertising campaigns by creating a scannable Code that users can access with their Android or iOS devices, without downloading an app.  

Why Augmented Reality QR Codes are a game changer for AR marketing? 

By using the Augmented Reality QR technology, advertisers can create unique and engaging advertising campaigns that capture the attention of their target audience. 

Experts at QR-Marketing GmbH have developed the Augmented Reality QR Code, which uses the Augmented Reality technology to offer customer engagement, data insights and brand protection all in one.  

 What is so unique about this technology is that it can create emotional connections between the consumer and the brand, as well as enhance marketing efforts. Therefore, Brands can use it to implement innovative strategies such as interactive product showcases, and immersive displays, or to collect data insights from their target audience.   

Specially, the use of unique QR Code combined with AR video technology provides for an unparalleled customer engagement for the bBrand. By incorporating augmented reality into commercial videos, advertisers can create immersive experiences that transport the viewer to a virtual world that seamlessly blends with the real environment. The versatility of our unique QR Code further simplifies the process, as they can be easily experienced via a simple scan and require no additional software or equipment or app download. This results in reduced friction, increased impact and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Feel free  to book a demo with us with learn more. 

 Additionally, our Augmented Reality QR Codes can provide valuable data insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing strategies to meet specific needs and preferences. With our cloud services integrated with the AR QR Code it provides customers with detailed statistics. That includes time, location and unique  scan rates ofs the uniqueQR Code, our so-called “QR Tag”. By analyzing this data, brands and performance marketing agencies can gain insights into how your AR experiences are being used, which can help you make informed decisions to improve your marketing strategies. Find out more about serialised QR Codes 

Here are three reasons why businesses should consider the unique QR combined with AR from QR-Marketing GmbH :  

The top 3 advantages of Augmented Reality QR Technology with unique QR Codes  

  1. Unparalleled data insights:  The data insights provided by the unique QR Code used in this technique are essential for businesses to understand their consumers' behavior. Scan rates, for example, offer insight into the number of times consumers scan the QR Tag, allowing businesses to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. In fact, browser language data can be used to understand the language preferences of consumers. This information can be useful when creating marketing campaigns in different regions, ensuring that marketing materials are tailored to the target audience. 

  2. Customer Engagement like never before : The use of Augmented Reality is especially useful for businesses that want to create a lasting impression on consumers, such as those in the luxury, food & beverage, personal care and wine & spirits industries. In addition to customer engagement, Augmented Reality combined with a unique QR Code provides businesses with insights into their consumer structure. By understanding consumer preferences and interests, businesses can create more targeted marketing campaigns, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. 

  3.  Brand Protection Inside, provides product security outside : When combined with the unique QR Code, AR technology can include anti-counterfeit measures, by providing data indications on irregularities.  If you are further interested in our QR Fingerprint® solution to enable product user authentication, our experts are happy to help. This further provides consumers with the confidence that they are purchasing a genuine product, which can improve brand loyalty and reputation. 

Use cases of Augmented Reality QR Code technology for different industries :  

The introduction of Augmented Reality technology in the German beer industry is marked by Bambule Pils, the first beer to feature AR QR Codes on its label. By scanning the code, customers can access an interactive 3D animation of the brand's iconic ringmaster, Johnny, who also serves as the mascot for ÜberQuell brewery. With the ability to enhance customer engagement and provide unique experiences, it can be used for businesses in various sectors. Get a short demo trial for free or have a quick call  with an expert.  

For the food and beverage industry, Augmented Reality QR Codes can be used for :  

• Providing interactive menus that allow customers to see 3D models of dishes and nutritional information. 

• Creating virtual cooking demonstrations that show step-by-step instructions in real-time. 

• Offering behind-the-scenes tours of production facilities and farms to showcase the sourcing and quality of ingredients. 


In the wine and spirits industry, Augmented Reality QR Codes can be used for :  

• Providing information on the history and story behind each wine or spirit brand. 

• Offering virtual wine tastings that provide information on flavor profiles and food pairings. 

• Creating interactive experiences for customers to learn about the aging process and how it affects the taste of the product. 


For the merchandise industry, Augmented Reality QR Codes can be used for :  

• Offering virtual try-on experiences for clothing and accessories. 

• Providing detailed product information and reviews through augmented reality features. 

• Creating interactive experiences that showcase the functionality of products, such as furniture or electronics. 


In the personal care industry, Augmented Reality QR Codes can be used for: 

• Providing interactive tutorials and how-to guides for applying makeup or skincare products. 

• Offering virtual try-on features for makeup products. 

• Creating personalized product recommendations based on customer's skin type and preferences. 

In the luxury industry, Augmented Reality QR Codes can be used for: 

• Displaying 3D virtual models of products to showcase intricate details and craftsmanship. 

• Creating virtual showrooms and product demonstrations that allow customers to visualize products in their own environment. 

• Augmenting marketing materials, such as brochures and catalogs, to provide interactive experiences. 

 Augmented Reality (AR) technology is transforming product marketing. With AR QR Code technology by using a smartphone or tablet's camera and screen, 3D models, animations, and interactive content can be displayed. This immersive experience not only increases engagement but also with effective data insights helps businesses to stand out from their competition. Overall, the AR Code platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that can help you manage and track your AR experiences. By utilizing these insights, you can deliver more engaging and effective experiences to your customers, ultimately improving your interactive advertising efforts. 

 At QR-Marketing GmbH  – a brand by All4Labels, we have created  solutions to enable innovative customer interaction, to build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call with our expert to help build a marketing strategy. industry specific solutions to create innovative customer interaction, to build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call with our expert to help build a marketing strategy.    



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