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62 Weeks . Mon May 08 2023
Enhance your marketing with the power of QR Voice Messenger
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Experts at QR- Marketing GmbH have created a new product to use unique QR Codes, so-called QR Tags, to share personalised audio or voice messages through a simple scan. Audio QR Codes offer a unique and engaging way to deliver personalized messages to your customers. By a simple scan of the QR Code, users can access a pre-recorded customisable voice message for individual or for specific groups needs. This allows you to add a personal touch to your marketing efforts and create a more immersive customer experience. In this article, we'll explore how you can use audio QR Codes to enhance your marketing strategy and build stronger relationships with your audience.

What are QR voice stickers? 

QR voice stickers can be easily scanned with a smartphone, these stickers will play a recorded audio message that can be customized for individual customers or specific groups. These serialized QR Code stickers by QR-Marketing can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including storefronts, product packaging, and promotional materials, making them a versatile way to reach potential customers. QR voice stickers are an innovative way to enhance customer engagement and add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. To understand it better, feel free to register for a first free call with our experts. 

What are the benefits of adding a QR voice sticker to your product? 

According to Appinio's study, 50% of people scan QR Codes on the packaging.  The QR voice sticker makes it easy to customise your product experience, providing a fun edge to consumers. Find out more on QR Code for marketing campaign. There are several benefits to adding QR voice  stickers to your product: 


  • Highly personalised experience: QR voice stickers allow you to deliver personalized audio messages to each individual customer or specific group. This helps to create a more personalized and immersive experience for your customers. 


  • Generate new data insights:.With the help of unique QR Tags generated and applied to products, data can be collected and transformed into powerful insights to optimise marketing campaigns and product fit. The use of QR audio messages can be tracked and measured, allowing you to see the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make improvements as needed. 


  • Create higher customer engagement: QR voice stickers can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including product packaging, storefronts, and promotional materials, making them a versatile marketing tool. With a QR voice sticker, you can be of higher impact by being livelier. Using personalized voice messages makes the consumer engaged in your product and increases CTA.  


  • Improve your customer loyalty: You can create better consumer loyalty by offering discounts, games, and surprises in the form of voice messages. No extra printing costs as it is the landing page which can always be customised.     


  • Level up your customer interaction: Audio messages are a unique and engaging way to communicate with your customers. They can help to capture attention and drive more interaction with your brand. Customers can easily access the QR voice sticker message by simply scanning the QR Code with their smartphone. This is a convenient and hassle-free way to deliver information to your customers. 

Read more about benefits of using QR Tags and optimise your marketing campaign using printed QR Codes.   

How does the QR voice sticker compare to other methods of personalisation?

The QR voice sticker allows you to add personalized audio messages to your products through a convenient QR Code. This interactive feature provides a unique way to engage with your customers and can be accessed easily on any smartphone. Other forms of personalisation, such as engraving or printing, may not offer the same level of convenience and interactivity. Optimize your product marketing efforts with the use of QR voice  stickers and stand out with personalized audio messages."With QR voice stickers, they also add innovative and creative technology to make your products easily personalised. They are cost-effective, easy to set up and fun. You can create customised packaging designs and improve the customer journey. Our experts have created this technology using the so-called "SmartQR Tags”, which have unique serial numbers. Find out more about what is a QR Tag? 

How can marketing strategies be customised to be more relevant to customers using QR voice messages? 

QR voice messages can be a powerful tool for customizing marketing strategies to be more relevant to customers. By using QR Codes and voice messaging, you can deliver personalized, targeted messages to your audience in a way that is engaging and convenient for them. We know well that the global smart packaging industry is growing at a faster pace. This became evident in studies like the Grand View Report, which stated that the packaging industry is anticipated to grow by $20 billion by 2024. QR voice sticker is here to introduce you to the next level of customer interaction with your brand. TikTok and Instagram Influencers especially can use QR voice stickers to create personalised QR Codes and voice messages to increase their followership and connect directly to their followers.QR voice messages allow you to deliver targeted, personalized messages to your audience using convenient QR Codes and audio content. Utilize these tools to send special offers, promotions, and personalized recommendations to specific customers based on their interests or past purchases. Enhance your marketing efforts and drive conversion with personalized audio messaging. 

To understand it better, feel free to register for a first free call with our experts.  

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Source: QRMarketing – a brand by All4Labels

How can personalisation be used to make your product more attractive as gifts? 

QR Codes are now one of the best tools to build a brand identity. It is essential to build an innovative marketing campaign to enhance your brand positioning in an extremely competitive environment. Improve the appeal of your company's products as gifts with personalized QR voice stickers. By using QR Codes and audio messaging, you can easily customize your products and add a personal touch that will make them more attractive and memorable as gifts. Use QR voice stickers to add personalized messages, names, or other custom details to your products, and create a truly unique and thoughtful gift for your customers. Utilize the power of personalization and QR technology to make your company's products stand out and drive sales. The QR voice sticker is the best solution for branding and customer engagement. It is the perfect tool which evokes the feeling of belongingness and love among recipients of the gift. A little gift card with a QR voice sticker with a special message encoded in will make the day of the receiver.    Moreover, the QR voice sticker is integrated with our cloud solution. You can also find out where your products are travelling to as the unique ID enables you to track and trace every single product. With all these data, you can find unmatchable data insights compared to other data collection methods. Of course, the QR Tag is GDPR compliant. You can book a free call  to let us help build a successful marketing strategy.   

QR Tags as a gift with voice message

Source: QRMarketing – a brand by All4Labels

How to create engaging marketing materials with QR Codes?  

QR voice  stickers allow you to connect with customers in a personal, direct way. Simply scan the QR Code and hear a pre-recorded voice  message that adds a personalized touch to your shop. Use this innovative tool to boost customer interaction, build loyalty, and increase engagement with your business. Unlock the full potential of printed QR Codes with QR voice  stickers and audio messaging.  

For sweepstakes, with the help of a QR voice  sticker, there is no need any more to manually enter numbers to participate in a sweepstake. The marketing lead can be automatically attributed to the product scanned. Integrated with our cloud services, this will also give you unimaginable data insights on your customer.  Learn more about creating your own QR Code as a Voice  sticker. 

QR-Marketingcombines modern IT software skills with All4Labels’ existing expertise in digital printing to create a new offer: The generation, management, and analysis of unique QR Codes, which can be integrated into business cards, greeting cards, labels or packaging design, thanks to variable data printing, and more.    

At QR-Marketing GmbH – a brand by All4Labels, we have developed solutions to create innovative customer interaction, and build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call with our expert to help build a marketing strategy. industry-specific solutions to create innovative customer interaction, build brand protection, and interactive retail. You can book a free call  to let us help you build a marketing strategy.   




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