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50 Weeks . Mon May 08 2023
QR Tags as voice stickers: Personalise gifts with QR Marketing
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From 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million users will scan a QR Codes in the USA, as per Business Insider 2022. Make your Christmas gift ideas a little more special your customers, employees or far-away friends and family, by adding a personalised QR voice message. Check out the blog post get some inspirations.

What are QR voice stickers?

QR Marketing introduces unique QR Codes, so-called QR Tags, in the market with which businesses and brands can now also record personalised voice messages for their customers or partners. This message can be recorded easily with a mobile device. The serialised QR Code sticker can be attached to product packaging, advent calendar, greeting cards, gift cards, Christmas gifts, and more. Did you know? The customer experience of hearing a warm heart-filling voice message during the holiday season adds to more brand loyalty. Find out more about serialised QR Codes.

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Personalise a voice message hidden behind a QR. When scanning customers, employees or friends receive your digital greeting card as voice message.

Why combine QR stickers with Christmas and New Year gifts?

QR Codes have been everywhere around us recently. As per Business Insider 2022, it is predicted that from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million users will scan a QR Code in the USA. The high-tech use of QR Codes in Shanghai Sky and Super Bowl has made QR Codes a highly attractive marketing tool.

QR-Marketing GmbH combines modern IT software skills with All4Labels’ existing expertise in digital printing to create a new offer: The generation, management, and analysis of unique QR Codes, which can be integrated into business cards, greeting cards, labels or packaging design, thanks to variable data printing, and more.

This Christmas we are committed to providing you with the magic of QR Tags to create a unique customer experience. Contact our experts for a free first call to find out how you can use QR Tags to provide your customers with a personalised message or how to become a reseller. Or get a customised quote.

Are QR voice stickers for small-medium business owners? 

According to Appinio study, 50% of people scan QR Codes on the packaging.  As small business owners, by using QR Codes on your product line, you can easily and efficiently make your products more attractive and fun for consumers.

Since the Christmas season is around, it is only normal for us to expect to create happiness in the form of gifts. At QR Marketing our experts tell us that with the unique QR Codes, we can now create QR Codes with personalised voice messages. Forecasts from businesswire.com show that by 2024 the number of digital voice assistants will reach a high of 8.4 billion. Now, this only highlights to us the importance of voice technology when it comes to long-distance communications. At QR-Marketing, our experts have developed a talking QR Codes that play a voice message with a single scan. It is free to book a demo with us. This is the chance to use the unique QR Codes and boost brand loyalty for the next year to come.

It is always the personalised touch that make product packaging, gift and greeting cards special. 

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QR voice stickers for advent calenders, gifts, greeting cards and more.

Ways to add QR voice stickers on Christmas and New Year gifts? 

1. Make a last-minute advents calendar 

As the markets flood with a diverse range of gifts, we are here to add the touch of unique voice based QR Codes to make every store-bought Christmas gift even more personalised and customisable. With the QR Tag, one can create specific landing pages which can be filled with customisable voice messages in a greeting card, and sing songs for their person. There is hardly any other way that makes gifts highly personalised with such little effort and at such a low cost! With a single scan, ‘QR Voice Sticker’ brings happiness and love. In 2021, Germans spent 273 Euros on Christmas based on this EY Study. If you have not yet added Advent calendar to your product line, it is never too late. With QR Marketing it is cheap, fast and simple. To get more information on Smart QR Tags or to get more ideas on how you can simply get a free demo. 

2. Personalised Christmas and New Year gifts for employees

Well, it’s indeed that time of the year when a lot of wishes are exchanged in workplaces. If creating the Christmas spirit and building a warm friendly environment in the beginning of much-awaited 2023 is on your priority list, then you need to utilise the QR voice stickers. They will add the christmasy personalised touch to every greeting card you plan on sending your employees. This idea indeed makes every gift the best gift! QR Marketing will easily arrange for personalised gifts with messages with our QR Tags. The unique QR Codes when scanned will play the pre-recorded voice note. As it comes in the form of a sticker, you can add it to any company merchandise and make it even more special for your co-workers. To learn more about it, feel free to reach our experts.

3. QR voice stickers to build loyal followers on social media

TikTok and Instagram Influencers especially can use QR voice stickers to create personalised QR Codes and voice messages to increase their followership and connect directly to their followers. In fact, with a customisable QR Tag, you can send them personalised voice messages on every occasion, not just Christmas or New year. QR voice stickers can be like a one-way walkie-talkie for your fans! Unique QR Codes are generated billions in seconds in a cost-effective way. This is going to level up your product line. To understand it better, feel free to register for a first free call with our experts. If you have developed or created a new product line, this could be a chance to make it even more unique with the unique QR Tag.  

4. Sweepstakes with Christmas voice messages 

With the help of a unique QR Tag, there is no need any more to manually enter numbers to participate in a sweepstake anymore. The marketing lead can be automatically attributed to the product scanned.

During Christmas time with the sale of so many gifts, it is a great opportunity to know your customers. With our cloud services embedded with QR voice stickers, you get unique customer data insights. Therefore, by adding a sweepstake to your product line you can get an in-depth analysis of user data such as scan rates, location, and time. You can also find out where your products are travelling to as the unique ID enables you to track and trace every single product. With all this data, you can find unmatchable data insights compared to other data collection methods. Of course, the QR Tag is GDPR compliant. So, let us bridge the distance COVID-19 has created by making our Christmas gifts even more personalised with QR Codes and voice messages.

5. Talking gift cards and greeting cards 

We know that postcards have stood the test of time. However, there is only one type of postcard which is better, and that is a talking postcard. A QR Codes-based gift card, adds the personalised touch of your chosen gift card with a voice message with QR voice stickers. A QR Code, which is a unique QR Tag behind which the content can be changed anytime. Sing your loved ones a Christmas carol or wish those in foreign countries in their own languages with talking gift cards. Can it get any better? You can add gift cards with any of your product lines by simply sticking a QR Tag voice sticker on it. It is cost-efficient and fast and easy. QR Codes are now everywhere. Don’t miss out on their magic this Christmas season.

At QR-Marketing GmbH – a brand by All4Labels, we have developed solutions to create innovative customer interactionand build brand protection and interactive retail. You can book a free call with our expert to help build a marketing strategy. industry-specific solutions to create innovative customer interactionbuild brand protection, and interactive retail. You can book a free call to let us help you build a marketing strategy.  

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