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55 Weeks . Mon May 08 2023
4 Examples on how QR Marketing drives sustainable packaging in 2023
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Marketing teams are constantly exposed to new trends and developments and must therefore be able to adapt quickly. Currently, there is a change in consumer buying behavior due to increasing awareness towards environmental challenges and its consequences. Eurostat 2020 report shows that the packaging waste generated by per person in the EU is estimated at 177.2 kg. So, how can QR Marketing support brands and companies to meet new demands for more sustainability?

Are you curious to find out how your brand can leverage QR Marketing for your sustainable packaging strategy in 2023? The lastest businesswire.com study reveals that globally 85% of people are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. An indication that consumers are increasingly driven toward companies with a trustworthy sustainability strategy. How can QR Marketing support sustainability in business? Read more use cases on how QR Codes can be leveraged in this Blog post.  

1. Track sustainable product journey    

Austral Fisheries is making the 2030 Agenda a reality for its consumers by the use of QR Code technology on its packaging. They received the award for ‘best sustainable seafood’ product. When scanned, the landing page shows the journey of a fish from a sustainable fishery to the market. It helps consumers to be sure that their product is being produced sustainably and is, therefore, good for consumption. With the use of a unique QR Code, the so-called ‘QR Tag’it is possible to show individual journeys of products and update sustainability actions on already printed QR Codes - there is no limit to adapting information at a later point in time.    

Therefore, communicate directly with the customer and create a basis of trust, which is essential for a strong customer relationship. Our experts at QR -Marketing can help you create your use cases. Book a free call with us.   

Press release Austral Fisheries 

Source: Press release Austral Fisheries  

2. Dynamic pricing for sustainable consumption using QR Codes  

Recent Cornell's study found that more than 60% of consumers favoured purchasing milk with QR Codes rather than using traditional print packaging boxes. QR technology is preferred by consumers when it comes to knowing the best-before-date over traditional print technology. Sustainable packaging should be prioritized in order to reach the sustainability goals anytime in future. Based on a Tesco study, 18% of total food waste from their own production comes from dairy itself.   

2. Dynamic pricing for sustainable consumption using QR Codes

In the study, the consumers had an option of buying milk containers with or without QR Codes on them. With the use of a dynamic QR Code it was made possible to offer a progressive discount on products as they got closer to their best-before date. Once again, QRCode technology was able to reduce food waste and contribute to sustainable packaging goals. In fact, It also saved printing costs and provided an added advantage of discounts to the consumers. Learn more about benefits of QR Tags, and take your next step towards achieving sustainability. 

To learn more talk to our experts.    

Appinio Study highlights the increased usage of QR Codes by customers in the food and beverage industry.  

Blog 5 Have you ever found a QR Code.. Statistic

3. Recycling through QR Tags gamification    

Gamification has been around for some time as it has the unique ability to make not-so-fun tasks fun by adding the reward system in terms of badges, levels, loyalty points, or sustainability points.  

WasteApp – A new player that uses QR Code technology to encourage users through gamification. The idea is to separate organic and inorganic waste properly using QR Codes. A simple scan goes a long way in achieving sustainable development goals(SDG) and encourage green living.     

A similar app called Helpful uses QR Codes to scan and collect redeemable recycling or reusing points for plastics.   

Want to learn what more can you do with unique QR Tag over a QRCode? Learn more with our whitepaper. 



4. Reduced carbon footprint made visible with QR Tags     

Patagonia was recently able to save over 170,000 pounds of paper using QR Code technology. This is a great step for much-needed climate action. What specifically added to their advantage was the use of the local language. With Unique QR Codes it is so easy to create a localized digital experience that not only saves costs but is good for customer engagement at the same time while taking a step forward in achieving sustainable development goals (SDG)and achieving green living.     

Cocokind’s‘ sustainability facts’ is a much-appreciated effort in making brands re-think their packaging solutions. Each product has a quantifiable sustainability score. Products with a low carbon footprint can now scan the unique QR Code - ‘QR Tag’to informs their customers about their sustainability efforts such as a lower carbon footprint or their sustainability project.  

Do you want more ideas on what you can do with a unique QR Tag to build a sustainable business?  

Forbes research shows that about 90% of Gen X consumers would spend 10% more on sustainable products as compared to just over 34% two years ago.  

reduce carbon footprint

 What are the top Benefits of using QR Tags over QR Codes?   

  • Tired of 404 Error pages? Now no more of an unsatisfying customer experience because you can change URLs anytime. 

  • Increase conversion rates. Who wants to enter numbers manually to participate in a sweepstake? The marketing lead can be automatically attributed to the QR Code on the product scanned. 

  • Create new engaging content. Want to create games with multiple players, new content with every scan, converting sweepstakes, expiry date tracking, and more? Unique QR Codes offer a wide range of technically feasible new use cases. Discuss with us potential QR Code use cases for your business or brand.  

  • Generate new data insights. Want to know your customers better but don’t know how? With the help of unique QR Tags generated and applied to products, data can be collected and transformed into powerful insights to optimise campaigns and product fit.  

  • Protect you brand and products from counterfeiting. Unique QR Codes do not only contribute to better marketing campaigns, they also allow track & trace and authenticate products by its end-consumers. 

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